Membership Renewal

The Lismore Turf Club is now offering online Membership Renewal. We will email all our Members updated information regarding this process as well as information throughout the year regarding our Race Meetings, Events and Functions including special offers and Member Discounts.

If you have changed any contact information in the past 12 months, please complete the New Member Form then follow the links below to process payment.

2020 Discount

Due to COVID-19, Lismore Turf Club Members missed out on a number of race meets in the 2019/20 racing season. As a discount for these missed meetings, the Lismore Turf Club is offering its Members a LTC Bar Card along with their renewal. The Bar Card can be used at any Lismore Turf Club Race Meet or Event in any of our Bar or Catering operations. Please see the table below to see the discount for your renewal:

COVID Membership Discount

Membership TypeRenewal Cost
incl. GST
Bar Card
Corporate Member
(5 years)
Gold Member
(10 year)
Silver Member
(5 year)
Member & Guest$90$25
Member & Guest
Single Member$60$15
Single Member
Single Member
Due to missing out on a number of race meets in the 2019/20 racing season, the Lismore Turf Club is offering all renewing members a LTC Bar Card to supplement their renewal.


Multiple Year Membership Renewal

Gold Member 2020/2030 (10 years) $850

Silver Member 2020/2025 (5 years) $450

Corporate Member 2020/2025 (5 years) $800

Single Year Membership Renewal

Member & Guest 2020/21 $90

Member & Guest (Pensioner) 2020/21 $70

Single Member $60

Single Member (Pensioner) $45

Single Member (Junior) $35