Fashions on the Field


Download your registration form here or sign-up on the day. 

Registration and Runway is in front of the new Moet & Chandon Marquee on Cup Day. 


The panel of judges will base their votes on the following race-wear criteria:

Best Dressed Men’s Race-Wear:

• Suit, jacket and tie are essential
• Attention to detail with all aspects of accessories such as gentlemen’s hat and /or lapel flower
• understanding and interpretation of race-wear and current trends
• Grooming

Sophisticated Couple Award:

Being on ‘trend’ – outfits must be complementary in style including colour coordination displaying this season’s Spring fashion statement. Clever use of accessory co-ordination; impeccable grooming; and, attention to detail.
• A tip for the boys – Overall look must be focused on ‘race day’ rather than a business look. It’s all about accessories i.e. binoculars, umbrella, hat, race book etc.

Millinery Award:

• Style and design of the millinery (originality & concept)
• Quality of workmanship of the milliner
• Appropriateness of the millinery for Spring
• Suitability in complementing the individual’s total outfit

Best Dressed Young Lady Award:

Aimed at the modern young race goer (under 40’s) means fashion with an edge – a ‘stand-alone’ look. Being on ‘trend’, that is, displaying this season’s fashion statement, clever use of accessory co-ordination hat or headwear with a Spring influence is essential.

Classical Lady of the Day Award:

An overall elegant statement, style and originality, racing elegance from top to toe.


Race-Wear Do’s:

  1. Express your own sense of racing style – focus on the appropriateness of the outfit for the race day and the individual.
  2. Demonstrate that you understand current fashion trends including spring favourites.
  3. Display attention to detail with accessories and millinery.
  4. Focus on your personal presentation.
  5. Consider suitability and appropriateness of the outfit for the climate.

Race-Wear Don’ts:

  1. Don’t wear brand new shoes – ensure that shoes have been worn in, even if they have only been worn around the house.
  2. Don’t wear an outfit that is too revealing. Remember that the races are all about elegance and sophistication.
  3. Don’t wear millinery that is so over the top that it gets in the way of other patrons – pointy and oversized millinery can take an eye out when you’re standing in the queue at the tote!
  4. Don’t forget to be aware of the Club’s specific dress regulations – be sure to review before planning your race day outfit.

Sign up on Cup Day at the Moet & Chandon Marquee

See you on the catwalk!